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Real-time Attendance processing

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About Stackpay

Simplified & personalized payroll & HRMS Services- "from one touch to one click"

What made us different from other software services ?

  • Biometric authentication of employee integrated into services like attendance & payroll.
  • Easy monitoring of services & simple smooth interface of stackpay.
  • Uncomplicated data management - No more need of bulky spreadsheets .
  • Dynamic reports - Growth is our belief and exact reports are one of the key feature of it.
  • Simple Stacked structure - No extra technical skills required to understand stackpay.
  • Active HRMS services with daily employee analysis like working hour.
  • Custom payroll management with inbuilt TDS calculation, Expense & Bonus calculation everything within few clicks.
  • Employee salary management - separate components for earnings & deductions with expense management.

Employee Self Service

Employee care feedback management

Employees are independent to give feedback of any regards which secure employee Rights directly

Employee analytics with notifications

Analyse your attendance, salary & expenses graphically and get notified instantly for every dynamic event.

Employee Tax & Expense management

Manage your TAX & Update your expenses from ESS portal mobile app

Attendance & Leaves Management

Dynamic view of attendance calendar, Apply leaves from anywhere with Stackpay mobile app

Autoload Payroll Management

The biggest thrill wasn't in winning on Sunday but in meeting the payroll on Monday. -Art Rooney

  • Employee salary management
  • Income tax deduction (TDS Calculations)
  • Managing Payroll & Processing Payroll
  • Expense & Bonus calculations
  • Professional Tax (PT) & Labour Welfare Fund (LWF) Management
  • Provident Fund (PF) & Employee state Insurance corporation ( ESIC)

Employee management - A complete HRMS

Employee Onboarding to Employee Off-boarding with complete management of employee assets like personal & official details.

Real-time attendance timesheet with leave management with Employee attendance & work hours calendar.

Dynamic Reports merging dedicated services to analyze various records of employee and organization fulfilling your requirements.

Attendance & Leaves Management

Attendance processing is useful only when it's real-time in atmosphere.

  • Attendance master to analyse real time check-in & check-out of employees along with monthly attendance calendar.
  • Attendance calendar with work hours and overtime work details.
  • Easy Leave management & Leave settlements services.
  • Govt leaves policies & . customised leaves according to need of organisation.

Extraordinary Software & Hardware Support Services

Professional Experts for service implementation.- Hardware & software installation with employee onboarding support.

Service & Support engineers are dedicated 24*7 for after installation - On-Field support for every bit.

Free online guidance over different social media platforms - Explaining different section with each & every important component.

Biometric identification

The biometric analysis is the most important verification for current redundancy check.

Finger-print Detection

Fingerprint recognition refers to the automated method of identifying or confirming the identity of an individual

Palm-print Detection

Palm print recognition is a biometric authentication method based on the unique patterns of various characteristics in the palms of people’s hands.

Iris Detection

Iris recognition is an automated method of biometric identification that uses mathematical pattern-recognition techniques on video images of one or both of the irises of an individual's eyes


Face detection is a technology being used in a variety of applications that identifies human faces in digital images. It also refers to the psychological process by which humans attend to faces in a visual scene.

Software Pricing

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StartUp India


One time installation & Biometric machine integration cost @ ₹ 5000

Upto 10 Employees

Realtime Attendance Tracking, Payroll Calculation

Micro Enterprises


One time installation & Biometric machine integration cost @ ₹ 5000

Upto 100 Employees

Realtime Attendance Tracking, Payroll Calculation, 24*7 Support

Medium Enterprises


One time installation & Biometric machine integration cost @ ₹ 5000

Upto 250 Employees

Realtime Attendance Tracking, Payroll Calculation, Multi Location, 24*7 Support

Large Enterprises


One time installation & Biometric machine integration cost @ ₹ 5000

Unlimited Employees

No Limit & No Condition

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